Fields of Interest

Practice areas:

Law Firm was engaged hitherto in practically all types of law, especially Commercial Law, Corporative Law, Banking Law, Companies Law, Tax Law, securities, project investments, Labor Law, representation before courts, arbitration courts, and other relevant bodies in all proceedings, especially proceedings concerning collecting of payments either by out-of-court settlements, or by forced collection of payment.



Commercial Law and Association Law

Law Firm engages in rendering legal assistance in the proceedings concerning organizing companies and other legal entities in accordance with the clients’ business necessities, by preparing all necessary documentation for the organization of the future trading companies and institutions (by-laws, Company Articles and so on) by representing our clients in proceedings for the entry with the court registers with the thus relevant commercial courts, preparing and organizing of company general meetings and counseling regarding the company members’ rights, counseling and preparing the documentation necessary for the regulation of status changes within companies, preparing the documentation necessary for the regulation of statutory changes within companies and other legal entities, transfer of business interests, company mergers, preparing and organizing documentation (book of regulations, administration activities’ standing orders, standing orders concerning the supervisory board activities and similar) as well as all other legal issues in the field of the commercial law and association law.
We try to find the best possible and most effective legal solutions for our clients regarding their difficulties when managing companies, transferring ownership rights, resolving issues between co-founders etc.
Our legal team represents at the moment a large number of trading companies as in the Republic of Croatia so abroad.


Fusion, Merger & Privatisation

Our legal team performs counselling for cross-border and domestic companies in regard to the “structuring” of fusions and mergers (M&A), the implementation of due diligence, performs checking of the legal and regulatory preparing of the bidding documentation, buying up of companies by the management, preparing of obligatory bids concerning the takeovers, joint ventures etc.


Civil Law

The members of our legal team are specialized in Civil Law issues including court and out-of-court proceedings.
Our legal team has longstanding experience in numerous types of disputes, and has appeared before all courts in the Republic of Croatia as well as in proceedings before other thus relevant bodies.
Out-of-court proceedings comprise all land register issues (entry of the ownership rights with the land register as well as all other land register rights).
Our legal team members led and successfully completed numerous projects in the field of civil engineering rights as well as legal counseling related to investing in real estate. We render legal assistance in the form of contracts concerning project design and building; assistance with legalization of real estate enabling clients to cooperate with the authorized geodesists and architects, if necessary.


Banking, Finances, and Capital Market

Law firm renders legal counseling in regard to banking and finance transactions as well as securities transactions. We execute the documentation connected to the loan and credits, contracts on financial and operative leasing, legal counseling in regard to the issuing of bonds as well as legal counseling and performance of documentation for swap ownership instruments, business transaction at the stock exchange and the ISDA.


Tax Law

Law firm also renders counseling in connection to the presentation and interpretation of valid tax laws and rules (VAT, income tax, tax on profit, real estate taxation and similar) as well a services concerning representation in connection with taxes before the thus authorized bodies.


Labor Law

Regarding any labor issues which may follow from the labor relations our firm represent employees as well employers and solve within this context general issues connected to Labor Law, compose Labor contracts, perform counseling on the issues connected to the termination of the labor relations as well as possible claims following from illegal notices and representation before the courts.


Bankruptcy Law

In the field of the Bankruptcy Law firm represents both creditors in bankruptcy as well as debtors in the initiated bankruptcy proceedings; our legal team is present in all hearings representing the rights and interests of their clients. We also represent the creditor/debtor in the proceedings concerning so-called pre-bankruptcy settlement procedures conducted before Financial State Agency (FINA).


Administrative Law

Our legal team members have a great experience and knowledge concerning the administrative law and thus represent the clients in various administrative proceedings before the thus authorized administrative bodies.
Among the administrative proceedings we would especially like to point out proceedings before taxing bodies.


Intellectual Property Rights, Competition

Our Law firm represents also the clients in proceedings concerning the protection of the intellectual property rights before the Republic of Croatia State Institute for Intellectual Property in the field of the trademarks and patents (trademarks, patents and industrial design search and protection, registration of trademarks, patents etc., copyrights registration, measures concerning the protection against counterfeits, realization of intellectual property rights, rights connected to the intellectual property, court proceedings etc.). Furthermore, members of our legal team provide overall legal support in the area of ​​competition including the representation of clients before the Croatian Competition Agency (AZTN) as well as giving legal opinions and audits of commercial contracts from this legal field.


Representing Clients Before the Courts and Other Bodies

Members of our legal team have gathered a lot of experience in court proceedings concerning a number of types of disputes mostly as follows: commercial disputes, commercial arbitration, disputes concerning obligatory-legal issues, bankruptcy proceedings, labor disputes, market competition disputes, enforcement proceedings (claim recovery) and others.